Our approach

We use an integrated approach that allows our clients to receive innovative ideas and effective solutions. We specialize in developing strategies, verbal and visual brand identification, developing packaging design, promotional materials and creating a promotion concept.
1. Briefing
2. Market analysis and setting goals and objectives
3. Timing
4. Developing a brand platform
5. Integrated brand identification

(verbal and visual)

6. Guidance on the chosen concept

(strategic and tactical actions)

7. Development of the communication strategy
8. Media planning and the choice of channels of communication
9. Development of the creative concept
10. Promotion of the creative concept in the selected channels of communication
11. Performance management
12. 100% effect

Fresh ideas - road to success

The recognisable brand is the result of the analytical and creative work: from the market research by Dolphin analysts to the development and expansion of the brand. Designers and marketers create the brand concept and embody it in design.