An experienced team of VIA Marketing experts will help to promote the site to the top positions of search engines on key requests to attract an active and interested audience of consumers. We will considerably increase the selling qualities of your Internet site!

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is an ideal tool for attracting the target audience. Text ads on specific requests are shown only to those who are looking only for your product.


Media advertising works to promote the brand. Banners and videos will make the company recognisable and create visual associations with the product.

Promotion in social networks

Activities to promote the company in social networks give a very good result, because active users independently distribute promotional content, creating a positive image of the company.


SEO is a set of works upon search engine optimisation and website promotion, thanks to which we increase the position of the Internet resource in search engines and attract interested users.

Figures speak:


Sites on Top

62 052

Online requests


Sales growth

Top 10

For 3 months

Advantages of internet advertising:


Wider geographical coverage


Audience selection by parameters


High consumer activity


Deep efficiency analytics


Quick adjustments


The most economical type of media

Websites promotion

Advertising in the internet is one of the main areas of work of media holding VIA Marketing. As a rule, the main task of such advertising is the promotion of sites in a broad sense. Contextual ads, text and graphic materials, SMM, internal optimisation of the site work primarily on its popularisation as an electronic trading platform and, of course, on the brand of the company.